Blurbs: The Whole Damn Trilogy

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Like some adrenaline-charged fusion of Clarke's The Deep Range and Gibson's Neuromancer, Watt's trilogy represents a major addition to early 21st-century hard SF.

Publisher's Weekly


Peter Watts is one of the foremost contemporary science fiction writers, a skilled craftsman with a visionary imagination firmly rooted in hard science. ... The trilogy is a must-read for even a passing science fiction fan.

Quill & Quire


The Rifters Trilogy combines an amazing amount of science, speculations about the world's future energy needs and the political fallout from that, and savagely ironic characterization to create a frighteningly intelligent serial thriller. [Watts has] got a profoundly black sense of humour about the apocalypse he has constructed over these three novels, and writes with passion and wit. Few writers can mix the felt realities of contemporary science with such a truly frightening view of where it might take us. The Rifters Trilogy ... is a major work.

Edmonton Journal


A deathly-dark near future ... [a] gorgeously grim series.

San Diego Union-Tribune

Peter Watts has [created] a dystopia that is dark, paranoid, insidious, and all too believable. ...The scientific detail in these books is dense but never an obstacle, laced into the narrative with subtle effect ... The density of language in the books borders on poetic ... Reading the Rifters books feels like reading a cross between Alfred Bester, Hunter S. Thompson, Bruce Sterling, and Greg Benford—excellent company for any writer.

—Janine Stinson, Internet Review of Science Fiction

Reading these books is sort of like being locked in a room with Hannibal Lecter and 500 cups of coffee. It's very scary — almost to the point where enervation and exhilaration become indistinguishable from one another. Yes, Peter Watts hits high notes that you're just not going to find elsewhere. But there's a price you pay, unless you see it not as a price, but rather, a reward:

Peter Watts is going to show you the end of the goddamned world.

—Rick Kleffel, The Agony Column


Taken together, the three books represent a sustained assault on the status quo, within science fiction and without, that's hard to read without being affected. It's all very uncomfortable, but it puts the Rifters Trilogy squarely in a noble tradition within science fiction. Authors such as Orwell, Brunner, and Watts have all told us: Avoid this future at all costs, you bloody fools! It's a message worth repeating until it's heeded.

—James Schellenberg, Challenging Destiny


Watts' overall accomplishment is substantial...

...[despite] a somewhat flat ending.

—Paul Witcover, Science Fiction Weekly

[The Rifters series is] one of the two or three most challenging works I've read in the last decade.

The New York Review of Science Fiction