A Single Primary Vector for ßehemoth?

To All Firewitch Personel:

CSIRA-Sudbury suggests that a single primary vector may be transmitting ßehemoth inland from the Pacific Northwest. Distribution of primary outbreaks is consistent with a lone individual travelling overland and avoiding major transportation routes. (Secondary outbreaks are more conventionally complex, and tend to implode because of rapid high mortality among infectees.)

ßehemoth time-series distribution (three-month window). Incendiary containment has since been applied to initial outbreaks on the N'AmPac Refugee Strip.

ßehemoth's initial appearance coincided with increased civil unrest along the N'AmPac Strip. This was apparently instigated by a malcontent refugee in the wake of the recent earthquake, and centered around a figure known variously as Ganga, Kali, and The Mermaid. Analysis of surveillance archives from this time reveals the presence of a Caucasian female with extensive thoracic implantation. Implant EM-fields match those of abyssal divers involved in N'AmPac's recent offshore geothermal program; all such individuals have already been accounted for, however. There is as yet no satisfactory explanation for this woman's presence on the Strip. It may be significant, however, in light of ßehemoth's suspected deep-sea origins.

Botfly surveillance archive, TEM zoom-enhance, 09/09/51. Taken on the N'AmPac Refugee Strip near Gray's Harbor. This may be Vector 0. Bioelectrical fields skew to yellow, technelectrical to blue-white.

It is also interesting to note that "rifter chic", a fad which died following last year's revelations concerning the geothermal program, appears to be enjoying a moderate resurgence in Central N'Am. It is difficult to see how the two events could be connected, however, since all witnesses to "The Mermaid"'s presence were decirculated during Operation Firewitch.

If this individual did in fact bring ßehemoth to the Strip, she would have died shortly afterwards. Some other vector is therefore responsible for spreading the bug further inland. We theorise that the current vector is:

1. an escaped refugee; or 2. an uninfected ecoterrorist deliberately spreading cultures of the agent; or 3. working for a pharm which has developed a cure, and which is spreading the agent to increase market value of that product.