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Front Door

Your world, and welcome to it.

The rest of this site is a fantasy, albeit not a very pleasant one. This is reality. From here you can look down and watch the lights going out; if you squint, you'll even see the twinkling of firestorms along the west coast. I leave it to you to decide whether the real world is any sort of improvement.

They say I have to keep the site fresh, that you need to be lured back with new content. There's not much I can add to the other pages—how do you update a world that hasn't even happened yet?—but here, in the present, I can drop the pretense and indulge in some of that self-aggrandising tub-thumping we authors are supposed to practise in the name of "self-promotion". So here, for what it's worth, am I: links to biography and blurbs, to credits, to late-breaking news and opinion.

If it's fresh content you're after, keep an eye on these links. In the meantime, take a load off, look down from geosynch, and watch the world turn inexorably to shit.

It's happening way faster than it did in the books.